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The ragged book, otherwise known as the Book of the Elemental Body is obtained during the Elemental Workshop III quest. It is used with soft clay to make a key mould. If destroyed this book can be found in your POH bookcase after the quest or it can be reobtained by searching the bookshelf in the Seers' Village chapel. You must have the book in your inventory to make a Body body in the anvils located in the Elemental workshop. Players may not obtain another book without destroying their current copy however the book serves no purpose after the quest except to read.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Ragged book.

On the face of it, this book opens a door to a great endeavour; look more closely and you will find the key to untapped powers and energies. I can only encourage you to investigate.

The movement of the assistant’s consciousness to the primed metal bar obviously had an effect of Vitruvius. Rather than research the primed metal any further, he resolved to return thought and life to the still body that sat in the corner of his workshop.

Attempts to reverse the priming process were unsuccessful. The primed metal bar was resilient and impervious to any experimentation. Frustrated, Vitruvius turned his attentions to the magical powers of the body, as found in the body runes of the world. Using a modulated version of the priming machine, coupled with intricate clockwork, he perfected a method of artificially replicating the energy.

It became clear from an early stage that even a small output of ‘body’ energy required a machine of an unwieldy size. Further revisions to the machine increased this size, yet Vitruvius was still only able to bring a single limb to life. To compound his frustration, the ‘body’ energy caused the arm to react violently, flailing and tearing at the assistant. Vitruvius had little choice but to amputate it and store it safely away.

Having made a soft clay mould of the limb in a temporary effort to rearm his assistant, Vitruvius resolved to investigate every nook and corner of magic to return his assistant to a semblance of life.


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