Ralvash was a Zamorakian Mahjarrat sacrificed in Gielinor's 17th Ritual of Rejuvination.[1]

During the reign of Zaros in the Second Age, Ralvash served as a tribune.[2]

According to the Mahjarrat Zemouregal, Ralvash was of relatively average power for his race. Zemouregal also indicated that his eye sockets were abnormally close together, and that as a result he was considered by most of the Mahjarrat to be fairly ugly.[1]

In roughly 1669 of the Fourth Age, Ralvash was sacrificed at Gielinor's 17th Ritual of Rejuvination in The North, near the ruins of the Zarosian fortress of Ghorrock. His death ultimately provided the Mahjarrat with the lifeforce they needed to survive to the 169th year of the Fifth Age, the year of the 18th Ritual. In an issue of Postbag from the Hedge, Azzanadra indicated that he was quickly made aware of Ralvash's death following his escape from the Jaldraocht pyramid during the Desert Treasure quest.[3]


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