This article is about the NPC. For the Jagex Moderator, see Mod Ramen.
Release date 13 July 2015 (Update)
Race Goebie
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Mazcab
Sells items No
Gender Genderless[1]
Examine A baby goebie.
Ramen location

Ramen is a baby goebie who can be found wandering around the village of Kanatah on Mazcab. It currently serves no purpose other than scenery.


  • Ramen's name is a reference to Mod Ramen.
  • Using a lit or unlit candle on Ramen makes him say, "Not Ramen! Reek!" This is a reference to Game of Thrones, in which a character named Theon is handed a candle and promptly responds with, "Not Theon! Reek!"


  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Deg's Twitter account. 14 July 2015. Mod Deg: "They're supposed to be genderless. Can you tell me an examine that's off?"