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This article is about the creator of the Polypore Dungeon. For the monster in Daemonheim, see Ramokee skinweaver.

Ramokee skinweaver chathead.png

The Ramokee Skinweaver can be found sitting on her throne at the southern end on the bottom floor of the Polypore Dungeon. She is the creator of the various fungal creatures that currently inhabit the dungeon by imbuing local wildlife with magic by fusing them with fungus. When spoken to she explains a bit on the dungeon and the monsters within, and also talks about her history. She mentions that her fascination with fungi started when she wound up in Zanaris and discovered the fairy rings. This obsession comes through in how she has practised her skills on the local wildlife.

If the player asks if they can fight her, she will say that she is capable of stripping flesh from bone with a mere thought. This might be an empty threat (as Ramokee skinweavers in Daemonheim are relatively quite weak), but since she had the power and skill to create the dungeon, and appears different from most of the other skinweavers, there is a chance it is possible for her.

Players doing Treasure Trails clues are sometimes directed to her with the anagram 'We Irk Over Namesake'.



  • The Ramokee Skinweaver is the first Gorajo to be seen outside of Daemonheim's floors.