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The Ramokee bloodrager is a monster found within Daemonheim, encountered in the Dungeoneering skill. The Ramokee bloodrager, similar to the Mercenary leader, is always found in a room with at least one Guardian door. It is found in a room with a Ramokee stormbringer, a Ramokee deathslinger, and a Ramokee skinweaver. The bloodrager generally has a higher combat level than the other Ramokees. It attacks with very high hitting melee attacks, and if there is a mage on the team he/she often binds the bloodrager so the players can beat the other monsters without getting hit by melee. It is also possible to trap the bloodrager behind the large obelisk or other enemies in the room so it cannot damage the players.

Obelisk room

A player fighting several Ramokees.

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