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The Ramokee skinweaver is a monster found in Daemonheim, encountered in the Dungeoneering skill. The Ramokee skinweaver, similar to the Mercenary leader, is always found in a room with at least one Guardian door. It is found in a room with a Ramokee stormbringer, a Ramokee deathslinger, and a Ramokee bloodrager; these monsters attack with magic, ranged, and melee, respectively.

Since the Ramokee skinweaver has the ability to heal the three Ramokee warriors, players should kill the Ramokee skinweaver before attacking the others. Following the skinweaver it is generally advisable to kill the remaining ramokees in the following order: stormbringer (Magic), deathslinger (Ranged), and then bloodrager (Melee) last. If there is a player with a Hexhunter bow they should be killed in the following order after the skinweaver is killed: deathslinger (Ranged), stormbringer (Magic) and lastly bloodrager (Melee).

Obelisk room

A player fighting several Ramokee skinweavers

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