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Random event gift was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.

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The random event gift was obtained from Random events as a reward for correctly solving one. It was released with the Random event update on 25 February 2009. It was also a reward for two Court Cases.

Upon opening the box, members are given a choice of 6-14 random items to choose from. Non-members are given a choice of 4-11 items to choose from. All existing Frog tokens that players had prior to the update were turned into Random event gifts as well, even if they should be in a bank of a former member whose bank space has been locked. The converted gifts can be withdrawn and restored at will, though attempting to bank recently obtained gifts will simply result in: "A magical force prevents you from banking this item."

The box is also considered an all-in-one toolkit as it has many resources, most of which are used in quests. Attempting to open the box during combat will result in, "You won't be able to choose a reward during combat."

If you have a full inventory upon completing the random event, the gift will appear on the ground beneath you: "A random event gift has been placed on the ground for you to take!"

When players have confirmed their selection a message in the chatbox says: Enjoy your gift.

List of possible rewards

The screen when the box is opened for members.

The screen when the box is opened for non-members.

Charms (members)

Seeds (members)


Herbs (members)

Note: You may receive herbs that include types you cannot clean yet, or use in making a potion.

Metal bars




Special rewards


  • The number of each item a player is offered seems to depend on their total level. This is most easily seen with coins, where the amount offered is equal to a third of their total level, rounded down.


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  • If you choose a Lamp as your reward, the discontinued random event Genie pops up to give you your lamp.
  • If player still has one in their inventory, attempting to open it will result in the gift vanishing without a gift, nor a message. It will also remove any Random event gifts stored in the player's bank.
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