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Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange
Release date 21 January 2004 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Ranging Guild
Owner Ticket Merchant
Specialty Ranged equipment
Ticket Merchant location.png

The Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange is an archery shop that sells Ranged equipment in exchange for archery tickets. It is run by Ticket Merchants who are located in the western corner of Ranging Guild, which requires a Ranged level of 40 to enter.


Picture Item Price in Tickets Cost of Tickets (gp) Grand exchange
Barb bolttips.png 30 Barb bolt tips Archery ticket.png114 1938 2100 162
Studded body.png Studded body Archery ticket.png51 867 1275 408
Rune arrow 5.png 50 Rune arrows Archery ticket.png1,020 17340 7550 -9,790
Studded leather coif.png Studded leather coif Archery ticket.png12 204 796 592
Green dragonhide body.png Green dragonhide body Archery ticket.png856 14552 4266 -10,286
Adamant javelin.png 20 Adamant javelins Archery ticket.png292 4964 1300 -3,664