Rantz chathead

Rantz is an ogre who lives in a cave in the eastern part of Feldip Hills with his children, Fycie and Bugs. He is located at the only quest start icon in that area.

During the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest, Rantz recruits an adventurer in order to help him catch chompy birds and teaches them how to do so. After the quest, players who kill a large number of chompies (minimum of 30, maximum of 4,000) will be able to claim some of Rantz' feather hats. He also sells Ogre bows and will charge players if they lose it.

Rantz is also encountered during Recipe for Disaster, where the adventurer runs an errand for him in order to learn how to catch jubblies to free Skrach Uglogwee.

He also plays a small role in One Small Favour, where the adventurer is directed to him by the Tindel Merchant to fill up his bed. Rantz informs them that a gnome is disrupting his hunting sessions and sends them off to solve their problem. Upon solving the problem, Rantz thanks them and fills the empty bed with feathers.

If you lose your ogre bellows, walk north from Rantz until you get to a cave (NOTE: The cave is NOT on the world map) and go in. In the north-west area of the cave there should be something with a huge rock on top of it. Press unlock locked chest then search it for new ogre bellows.

Rantz is also used in various clues for treasure trails.




  • His name is an obvious pun on the term "Rants" which is a way to describe criticism. This would pertain to the fact that Rantz is always criticizing the player during Big Chompy Bird Hunting.
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