Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire
Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Ranged
Level 37
Type Threshold
Adrenaline −15%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 20 seconds
Rapidly fire at your target, dealing damage equal to 94% of weapon damage every 0.6 seconds for 4.2 seconds, initially binding the target for 6 seconds. Combo attack.
Rapid Fire
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Rapid Fire is a Ranged threshold ability. The description claims when activated the player deals damage equal to 94% of weapon damage every 0.6 seconds. This is misleading as Rapid Fire actually deals 8 hits with one hit every 0.6 second of 18.8-94% ability damage per hit. As with all threshold abilities, it requires at least 50% adrenaline to activate. This ability is a combo attack and lasts 4.8 seconds.

Rapid Fire is generally regarded as the most useful ranged ability because of the large damage output overall and being a only threshold ability, capable of doing more damage than Ranged ultimate abilities.

Comparison to Destroy and Asphyxiate

Destroy and Asphyxiate are, respectively, the melee and magic versions of this ability.


  • More hits than Destroy and Asphyxiate, ideal for applying several stacks status effect like anguish in very short time.
  • Harder to escape from Rapid Fire as opposed to Destroy


  • Similar total damage
  • Similar length



  • As one of the most powerful ranged abilities, use it wisely. Try to stun your target before using this ability.
  • Use Anticipation before using this ability to avoid getting stunned while hitting your target.
  • Use Shadow Tendrils, Snap-shot and/or Bombardment right after Rapid Fire ends to finish off your opponent.
  • In places where you may take a moderate amound of damage over longer periods of time, such as waterfiends, flicking Soul Split on while using Rapid Fire can be very useful when conserving prayer. Due to Soul Splits healing cap, this ability allows maximum healing in a short period of time.


  • Stunning your target can counter this ability.
  • Reflect could both halve your damage received and damage your opponent, leaving them in a dangerous state.


  • This ability has multiple ranged animations, similar to most other ranged abilities when using different weapons. When using a one-handed crossbow, it looks as if you are aiming carefully to shoot the bolts from the hip. With dual-wielding, it is the animation shown above. When using a bow, you seem to grab arrows from your back and start firing them at the opponent. When using a two-handed crossbow, you seem to aim down twice as if you were using the aims on the crossbow, which they do not have.
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