The rare token store is a store released on 12 March 2015 that sells rare items from Treasure Hunter for rare item tokens. The store can be opened by left-clicking the tokens.

10 rare item tokens were given to all players on 12 March 2015 in promotion of the store, although on the first day no items were buy-able and players could not obtain more tokens.

As long as there is a quantity of the items in the store, the items can be bought at the discounted price. With Limited rares that were released on Treasure Hunter the previous year, the items will be removed from the store when the stock empties.

New items were added to the store on 31 March 2016 with the previously called "Current Rares" being bumped to "Limited" status and the previously called "New Rares" being bumped to "Current Rares". This happened again on 21 June 2017.

Current stock

Limited Rares (2015)
Item Quantity[1] Tokens Discounted price
Golden cane Golden cane 1500 1200 N/A
Flaming head Flaming head 1500 1200 N/A
Sunglasses (clear) Sunglasses 1500 1250 N/A
Leprechaun hat Leprechaun hat 1500 1200 N/A
Silver hawk Silver hawk 1500 1200 N/A
Imcando pistol Imcando pistol[2] 1500 1200 N/A
Imcando axe Imcando axe[2] 1500 1200 N/A
Imcando channeling rod Imcando channeling rod[2] 1500 1200 N/A
Current Rares (2016)
Item Quantity Tokens Discounted price[3][4]
Ban hammer (70) Ban hammer[2] N/A 4000 2800
Balancing wand (70) Balancing wand N/A 4000 2800
Twang crossbow Twang crossbow[2] N/A 4000 2800
Potion hat Potion hat N/A 4000 2800
Chic scarf (red) Chic scarf N/A 4000 2800
Lucky coin Lucky coin N/A 4000 2800
Hype train Hype train N/A 4000 2800
Map hat Map hat N/A 4000 2800
New Rares (2017)
Item Quantity Tokens Discounted Price[4][5]
Bad weather umbrella Bad weather umbrella N/A 7000 4900
Octopus backpack Octopus backpack N/A 7000 4900
Glowbug in a jar Glowbug in a jar N/A 7000 4900
Oriental fan Oriental fan N/A 7000 4900
Springy pet token Springy pet token N/A 7000 4900
Telescope (Treasure Hunter) Telescope N/A 7000 4900
Balloon rest token Balloon rest token N/A 7000 4900
Polly Polly N/A 7000 4900
Random Rares
Item Quantity Tokens Discounted price
Random rare Random Limited Rare N/A 1000[4] N/A
Random rare Random Current Rare 3200
Random rare Random New Rare 5600

Previous rares

2013 2014
Dominion Tower maul Dominion Tower maul Tumbleweed Tumbleweed
Wizards' Tower staff Wizards' Tower staff Sq'irks the parrot Sq'irks the parrot
Slayer Tower shortbow Slayer Tower shortbow Skully Skully
Auspicious Katana Auspicious Katana Queen Black Dragon helm Queen Black Dragon helm
Closed helmet Closed helmet Serpentine rapier (70) Serpentine rapier (Off-hand)
Legendary Horns Legendary Horns Serpentine 2h crossbow (70) Serpentine 2h crossbow
Skullbuster hat Skullbuster hat Serpentine wand (70) Serpentine wand
Headsplitter hat Headsplitter hat Kalphite King helm Kalphite King helm
  1. ^ Restocks quantity every six hours during initial promotion.
  2. ^ a b c d e Off-hand weapon not included when bought.
  3. ^ Only for the first 350 through the store.
  4. ^ a b c This item is no longer available for purchase.
  5. ^ Only for the first 250 through the store.


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