This article is about Rasolo. For the store ran by Rasolo, see Rasolo the Wandering Merchant.
Rasolo chathead

Rasolo is a wandering merchant found west of the Fishing Guild and south-east of the Baxtorian Falls. He sells items that can be found in various locations around RuneScape, such as dragon daggers which are normally bought in Zanaris.

Rasolo features in the Desert Treasure quest. In the quest, Rasolo provides players with a ring of visibility in exchange for the return of his gilded cross from the Desert Bandit Camp. The ring enables the wearer to see certain ghosts that are otherwise invisible. This ring is also required for the The Curse of Zaros miniquest, holy cithara, and the Hopespear's Will miniquest. If the ring of visibility is lost, it can be reobtained by speaking to him and choosing the option "I lost the ring you gave me...", and he will tell the player to take another, as "Only a foolish merchant would give away his only stock".

He is very close to a fly fishing spot, allowing players to gain decent Fishing experience by selling their fish to him.


  • When the Desert Treasure quest was originally released, Rasolo's name was "Rasool".
  • He used to sell items at twice the normal store price.
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