Rat Burgiss chathead

Rat Burgiss is a member of the Varrock Palace Secret Guard. He is found south of Varrock, near the northern gate into the Al Kharid area. To find him, just home teleport to Varrock and follow the road south, he should be at a broken cart.

He is the starting point for the What Lies Below quest. If players do not have the requirements for the quest, Rat Burgiss will say that he is very busy and cannot chat. If players have the requirements to start the quest, he will ask the player to get his stolen papers back to full folder and deliver the Letter to Surok to Surok Magis in Varrock palace library.

Rat is also one of the three reward givers for the Varrock Tasks, and he will give the easy reward to members.

Members who have completed the Easy section of the Varrock Tasks have the option of talking to him and changing their Varrock Teleport to land at the south entrance of the Grand Exchange instead of the centre of Varrock Square.


  • In his cart, he has an apple, a sack, and a variety of blackjacks.
  • His great uncle was a priest of Saradomin, and apparently told Rat stories of the church's war with the Dagon'hai as a child.
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