This article is about the raw version. For the cooked version, see Bacon.
Raw bacon detail

Raw bacon is a guaranteed drop from Pigs underneath the Falador farm, where players may find Eli Bacon. One piece of bacon can be cooked on a fire or range to make bacon requiring 14 Cooking and giving 68 experience.

As the player's cooking level increases, they can use pieces of raw bacon on other pieces in their inventory to create larger piles of bacon that can be cooked together to heal more per inventory slot. Cooked bacon cannot be used for this purpose. This is also useful for players farming pig teeth, as they can free up inventory space without dropping items.

Additionally, four pieces of raw bacon can be used to brew pigswill, and when cooked, is the main ingredient of pork pie.

Types of bacon

RawCookedCooking levelExperienceHealsTotal bacon
Raw baconBacon14683001
Raw bacon stackBacon stack24885002
Raw bacon pileBacon pile341087004
Raw bacon heapBacon heap441359008
Raw bacon moundBacon mound54158110016

Drop sources

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