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This article is about the raw version. For the cooked version, see Baron shark.

Raw baron shark detail.png

Raw baron sharks have a one in four chance of being caught at shark fishing spots in a period of time after drinking a juju fishing potion or a Perfect juju fishing potion. When one is caught 110 Fishing experience and a raw baron shark is obtained. With 80 Cooking, a raw baron shark can be cooked into a baron shark, giving 210 cooking experience.

It is possible to fish these with the Barbarian Fishing method. When wearing a Shark's tooth necklace you will receive an extra 5% experience when fishing these.

A Bunyip's swallow whole scroll cannot be used to consume a raw baron shark.


Raw baron shark
Fishing level 76
Fishing spot Net/Harpoon
Tool Harpoon
Fishing XP 110 XP
Tool XP 12.98 XP

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