This article is about the raw version. For the cooked version, see Great white shark.

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Raw great white sharks can be fished at 80 Fishing with a harpoon. They require 84 Cooking to be cooked into a great white shark and heal 2100 life points each. After unlocking the tier 5 prawn perk to catch great white sharks at the Prawnbroker, a raw great white shark will be received half the time when fishing at shark spots instead of a raw shark.

They can also be fished bare-handed at a Fishing level of 96, a Strength level of 80, and some completion of Barbarian Training for 90 Strength experience. At level 85 Agility, there is a chance to catch two great white sharks at once. Great white sharks give 130 Fishing experience per catch and 212 Cooking experience when cooked.

They can also be fished at the Deep Sea Fishing hub if the player uses Great white shark bait on a magical fishing spot. Players are only recommended to catch them this way if they do not have access to the aquarium, or have not unlocked the associated prawn perk from the Prawnbroker. Catching them here gives 200 Fishing experience.

Catching great white sharks at a fishing spot will count towards a Fishing Daily Challenge for "Shark" and "Barbarian shark." When the challenge is turned in, raw great white sharks are turned in first with the remainder being raw sharks. However, they will not count towards a Cooking challenge for "Shark," and normal raw sharks must be used instead.

Unlike a cooked great white shark, a raw great white shark can be used to create great maki and great gunkan at level 84 and 91 Cooking respectively.


Raw great white shark
Fishing level 80
Fishing spot Net/Harpoon
Tool Harpoon
Fishing XP 130 XP
Tool XP 15.34 XP

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  • Despite technically being a raw shark, a raw great white shark cannot be used to recharge the enchanted lyre. Whether this is intentional or an oversight is unknown.
  • Previously, they did not count for Barbarian Shark Daily Challenge. This was amended on 1 June 2015, and great whites now work on both Barbarian and regular shark fishing challenges.
  • Catching one of these barehanded at Burgh de Rott counts for the "Fremennik Export" Morytania elite task.
  • Despite being collected via the same spots as sharks, these cannot be obtained via Fishing Trawler.
  • They are not affected by a Prawn penny nor Prawn pound. This also means they don't consume charges when fished.
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