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This article is about the raw version. For the cooked version, see Heim crab.

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The raw heim crab is a fish caught and used in the Dungeoneering skill. It is the lowest level fish the can be caught in Daemonheim. It can be bought from the Smuggler or fished using a fly rod, which gives 9 Fishing experience. When cooked, it turns into a Heim crab, granting 22 Cooking experience, and it heals 20 life points when eaten. Most mid-high level players only buy these when they don't have enough money for better food.

Tools/utensils None
Ingredients Raw heim crab
Cooking level 1
Burn level Varies
Cooking experience 22
Range-only No
Instructions Use raw heim crab with fire or range.
Servings 1

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