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This article is about the raw version. For the cooked version, see Karambwanji.

Raw karambwanji detail.png

Raw karambwanji require level 5 fishing to catch. They may be caught using a small fishing net, in the lake south of Tai Bwo Wannai Village and north-west of Shilo Village, granting 5 Fishing experience per catch. Raw shrimps are also rarely caught at this location. Players do not need any pre-requesites except level 5 fishing to obtain these.

Raw karambwanji is used as bait when fishing for raw karambwan. To do this, players must load a raw karambwanji into a Karambwan vessel and then use the vessel with one of the Karambwan fishing locations in the north-east of Karamja.

Raw karambwanji can be ground into raw karambwanji paste, which is used in the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. The cooked version cannot be used.


Raw karambwanji
Fishing level 5
Fishing spot Net
Tool Small fishing net
Fishing XP 5 XP
Tool XP 0.59 XP

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Fishing locations

There is only one location to fish for Karambwanji:


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