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This article is about the raw version. For the cooked version, see Mackerel.

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Raw mackerel is a members-only fish. It can be caught with a big net at any Net/Harpoon fishing spot with level 16 Fishing, granting 20 Fishing experience. It can be cooked into mackerel with level 10 Cooking, and stop burning at level 45 Cooking. The most common spot to fish mackerel is Catherby.

After completing In Aid of the Myreque quest, up to 10 raw mackerel can be purchased from Aurel's Supplies in Burgh de Rott for 26 coins.


Raw mackerel
Fishing level 16
Fishing spot Net/Harpoon
Tool Big fishing net
Fishing XP 20 XP
Tool XP 2.36 XP

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Fishing locations

There are 7 fishing locations for mackerel:

  • Catherby beach: A popular spot that's close to a bank.
  • Fishing Guild: The closest spot to a bank, with a fishing shop in the area as well as a spawn of a harpoon and a big net. It is usually recommended because it is close to the bank and there are a lot of fishing spots.
  • Rellekka: This location isn't very useful. If players wield Fremennik Sea Boots 1 or above, they will be able to deposit their catches by using Peer the Seer, who is located by the maze room south of the Fremennik market.
  • Burgh de Rott: Requires In Aid of the Myreque. There is a bank in Burgh de Rott not too far from these spots. This area is notable for its especially high density of Net/Harpoon spots—there are a lot of them very close together, so not a lot of running around is needed to get from one spot to another.
  • Isafdar: Requires Regicide. As with the Net/Bait spots here, this area is too far from a bank to be practical.
  • Jatizso: Requires The Fremennik Isles. Just like the Cage/Harpoon spots, the Net/Harpoon spots here are very close to a bank and excellent for players who don't like a lot of company when they fish.
  • Feldip Hills: There are aggressive enemies nearby, but fishing here is not as inconvenient as it used to be. There is a bank at Mobilising Armies which is not to far.
  • Ape Atoll: Requires Monkey Madness. There is a fishing spot located near the agility course and another on the south-west side of the island. There's no bank on the whole island, and players can only fish when they are in human form, which means the monsters on the island will become aggressive. Because of this, it's not an effective place to fish.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Mountain troll753Common
Thrower Troll773Rare
Ice troll grunt683Uncommon
Ice troll male683Uncommon
Ice troll runt533Uncommon
Troll spectator653Uncommon
Wallasalki79; 84; 911–2Uncommon


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