Potatoes can be picked from fields across RuneScape. Members with level 1 farming can grow them from seeds. (3 potato seeds are needed per Allotment.) They take 40 minutes to grow, grant 8 experience for planting and 9 experience for harvesting. Up to 10 potatoes can be stored in a sack making a sack of potatoes.

There are 2 farms north of the chicken farms in Lumbridge (western farm northwest of the western chicken farm, eastern farm northeast of the eastern chicken farm) and one in Hemenster, across the road from the Farming shop. You do not gain farming experience for picking these potatoes.

Additionally, players with 43 Construction may build a Teak larder in their kitchen to get a never ending supply of potatoes. Since the Grand Exchange update, the Farming shops sell potatoes at Grand Exchange prices (when they have potatoes) but will pay players only a starting payment of 11 coins for a potato, assuming the store has no potatoes in inventory - the payment per potato goes down gradually as the inventory increases.

Consumed raw, they heal only 10 life points. However, members can cook them and get 15 cooking experience per potato and then put various toppings on the resulting baked potato to make it heal much more. Potatoes cannot be cooked on anything but a range (the Fremennik Clay oven works too). If you try to cook one on an open fire or a sulphur vent, the result is always a Burnt potato. All players can also use the potato as an ingredient in stew.


Money Making Guide

Making money off of potatoes is something anyone can do, regardless of your skill experience or combat level.

Starting off Draynor Village, follow the road north until you get to a crossroads (the one with the lone Highwayman). Here you take the road east, towards Lumbridge. After some time you will encounter a potato field. Open the gate and pick 28 potatoes, then return it to the Draynor Village Bank.

An empty inventory will allow you to carry 28 potatoes, and each potato is worth Expression error: Unexpected < operator. coins. When you get the hang of it, one trip back and forth between the potato field takes slightly less than 150 seconds, or 2 and a half minutes; assuming a little bit of slacking, let's say it takes exactly 150 seconds.

This will give us a gold rate of about: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. coins/hour.

Members, on the other hand, can do a bit better. In under 15 minutes, you can get 190 potatoes if you go to Ardougne.

Empty your inventory except for 18 empty sacks (sacks hold 10 potatoes each). Run north out of Ardougne's north bank and then immediately east and then north again. You will soon come to a potato field across from the farming shop.

Open the gate and begin picking potatoes. Each time your inventory fills up (10 potatoes), just click on a sack and keep picking. Continue until all 18 sacks are filled and your ten empty slots are filled as well. This will be 190 potatoes in all.

Run back to the bank and deposit all of the potatoes and 15 of the sacks (leaving 3 in your inventory). Right-click each sack and click Empty Sack. The third sack will be only partially emptied. Deposit all potatoes and the two empty sacks and get two more full sacks (giving you 2.5 sacks of potatoes again). Empty them all and start over.

Total time (including dropping the potato seeds you'll get from time to time) will be approximately 14.5 minutes, or 870 seconds.

This will give us a gold rate of about: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. coins/hour

The positive of this money making strategy is that it can be done by ANYONE, from a level 3 rookie with no experience whatsoever to a high-level veteran. However, there is no skill experience given from picking potatoes. Regardless, players will find that they will obtain a lot of cash provided the potatoes are sold on the fixed price.

Another efficient method is to pick 28 potatoes at the Lumbridge potato field, run west to the nearby hops patch, and use a potato on the tool leprechaun. Since potatoes are considered crops from farming, the leprechaun will note them. Assuming you've already noted some, picking 27 potatoes, running to the leprechaun and having them noted takes approximately 100 seconds. This includes dropping potato seeds.

Using this method, you can note about 972 potatoes in an hour. This will give us a gold rate of about: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. coins/hour.

The Farm North-East of Lumbridge can be used very efficiently by members who have started the Recipe for Disaster quest. Simply take 18 empty sacks and fill them with potatoes, then run to the Culinaromancer's Chest and deposit them. If you want to make potatoes with butter, bake them on the Cook's range. Then, buy all the butter, cream, and milk you can from the chest. Go to a farm near Lumbridge and churn the cream and milk into butter. Once you have as much butter as potatoes, add the butter. Potatoes with butter sell for 54 coins each on the Grand Exchange. Template:Wpalso


  • Potatoes are one of the few items in Runescape that can be eaten both raw and cooked.
  • If you pick a potato in Draynor Village, the plant that grows back is a lighter colour than the rest of the unpicked plants.
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