Raw tarpon detail

Raw tarpon is a fish that may be caught on Waiko in the Arc region at level 90 Fishing. They are located at the south dock and are caught along with raw seerfish. Nine raw tarpons can be cooked into fish oil at level 91 Cooking, or burned to produce a burnt tarpon.

Raw tarpons may be obtained occasionally from pickpocketing Waiko islanders near the Waiko marketplace, and washed ashore on uncharted isles.

Raw tarpons may be sold for 1 chime each to Fish Oil Sales by speaking with Salmon Max (fish merchant) on Waiko.


Raw tarpon
Fishing level 90
Fishing spot Bait
Tool Fishing rod
Fishing XP 132.5 XP
Tool XP 15.635 XP
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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Oily bakamiN/A9–18Common
Oily bakami jarN/A9–18Common
Oily orokamiN/A9–18Common
Oily orokami jarN/A9–18Common
Waiko islanderN/A1Uncommon

Store locations

Fish Oil Sales
Merchant Salmon Max
Island Waiko
Price sold at 5
Prices bought at
Base value 1
First upgrade 1
Second upgrade 1
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Level Initial resource Value[1] Energy Result Profit Experience
Divination 90 20 × Raw tarpon 20 2 × Ancestral energy 10 × Raw seerfish -14 204 Divination
  1. ^ Assumes highest sell-to-store value

Experience rates

When fishing at the bait spots on Waiko, raw tarpons are caught in combination with raw seerfish. At level 99 Fishing, these spots grants roughly 74,000 Fishing experience an hour.

Using the fishing outfits experience boost alongside the fury shark outfit's 7% catch boost, a crystal fishing rod with Honed 5 and Furnace 3 perks, and perfect juju fishing potions grants an average of 116,000 Fishing experience and 890 chimes an hour.


Fishing spot (The Arc)

Sillagos can be seen swimming in the fishing spots within the Arc region.

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