This article is about the drop from undead/zombie cows. For the drop from ordinary cows, see Raw beef.
Raw undead beef detail

Raw undead beef is a raw food item that is dropped by Undead cows and Zombie cows 100% of the time. Players can cook it at level one Cooking by using it on a range or a fire, to make cooked undead meat and rewarding them 30 experience per piece. Contrary to belief, it does not harm you when the cooked form is eaten, and it heals 200 life points.

Undead cows can only be found west of Port Phasmatys on Lyra's farm near the undead chickens, and Zombie Cows can be found in New Varrock's cow pen. Apart from cooking, Raw undead beef doesn't serve much of a purpose.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Undead cow41Always
Zombie (New Varrock)11Common
Zombie (New Varrock)11Unknown


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