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This article is about the raw version. For the cooked version, see Vile fish.

Raw vile fish detail.png

Raw vile fish is an item attainable in the Daemonheim dungeons. Players will receive a varied amount of experience for catching one for the first three that they catch. After that, they receive 0 experience. It is used in the fishing ferret puzzle.

  • When caught, the chat box says: "You catch a fish. By Jove, it smells bad!"
  • If a player fails to catch one, you will take medium damage and the chat box will say: "You have a hilarious fishing accident that one day you'll tell your grandchildren about."
  • If the aforementioned failure damage happens to kill you, it will instead say "You have a hilarious fishing accident that you would have told your grandchildren about, had it not killed you."
  • If the player fails to cook the fish, the chat box says: "You burn the fish so spectacularly there is nothing left of it."

Cooking the fish successfully will yield 1 Cooking experience and a vile fish. Burning the fish will cause it to disappear. This fish is unique in having no form of burnt fish.


  • A glitch sometimes causes cooking raw vile fish to give 1 Fishing experience instead.