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Yu'biusk as it appeared prior to its discovery by Bandos

Realms, also known as dimensions, planes, worlds, and universes, are isolated pockets of existence within the multiverse. Each universe exists within an empty region known as The Void, and each universe is separated by a variety of barriers, the most universal of which is the Abyss. It appears that worlds such as Gielinor and Zanaris are separated by space (as shown in the Origins of Gielinor video) and the Abyss is merely used to travel quickly between them.

Although realms are typically physically separate from each other, various realms have been connected via a number of means, both naturally occurring and artificially devised.

Binding realms

The Abyss

The Abyss

The one true binding dimension is the Abyss. The Abyss is the area that is travelled through when teleporting as proved in the Lost and Found random event. In the centre of the Abyss is the Abyssal Rift near which a dark mage is deep in concentration. The Abyss can be accessed during the Lost and Found random event, using fairy ring code ALR after starting Fairytale II - Cure a Queen, or after completing the Mage of Zamorak miniquest.

Another possible binding realm may be the Void. The Void is the separation of all the dimensions. The Void is nothing but empty white coloured space. The Void can be seen on the edges of the screen when in the Spirit Realm and is briefly visited during the Summer's End quest.

List of realms

Below is a list of realms which are either accessible or known to players:

Lesser-known realms

Body Altar outside

The outside of the Body altar


The waterfall in the Enchanted Valley

  • Enchanted Valley (classified under Other Realms in Fairy Ring journal)
  • Sparse Plane (actually part of the Zanaris dimension but isolated; classified under Other Realms in Fairy Ring journal)
  • Realm of the Orks at Orks Rift
  • Multiple realms Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter opens portals to whilst attacking the player
  • Dimension of the Culinaromancer (visited once in the final sub-quest for Recipe for Disaster; blocks Prayer to the Gielinor deities, prevents you from calling upon creatures from the Spirit Plane through Summoning, and forces your gravestone to appear outside portal instead of within dimension upon death)
  • Realm of Agrith-Naar (possibly part of the Infernal Dimensions; where Guthix banished him to after the God Wars, before he bypassed his Edicts somehow, apparently by causing natural disasters on Gielinor)
  • Realm of Thammaron (possibly part of the Infernal Dimensions; accessed in the Shadow of the Storm)
  • Realm of the Imps and/or Hellrats (possibly part of the Infernal Dimensions)
  • Numerous pocket dimensions of POH (created with the assistance of the Wizards and their research into folded pockets of space)
  • Home plane of Tumeken (where he came from before arriving in Gielinor and creating the Menaphite Pantheon)
  • Home realm of the wolf Hati, of "elemental power and endurance, spawned from a place beyond this world"
  • At least some of the Random Event locations
  • Homeplane of the Behemoths
  • Homeplane of the Gorajo

The rune essence mine, though secluded from the rest of RuneScape and accessible only through a certain teleportation spell, is nevertheless a part of Gielinor (unlike the Runecrafting altars or Runecrafting Guild), located in the ice fields to the north.

There are also tomb worlds, which are worlds which have died.

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