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Rebounders are off-hand Magic equipment that are wielded in the off-hand slot and provide positive offensive and defensive bonuses. They are the magic equivalent of defenders and reprisers.

Rebounders allow the use of both dual-wielding and shield abilities.

Rebounder statistics

Rebounder Levels required Off-hand Defence
Magic-icon Defence-icon Damage Accuracy Defence-icon Constitution-icon Prayer-icon
Blighted rebounder Blighted rebounder 70 70 168 1486 148 0 0
Ancient lantern Ancient lantern 80 80 192 1924 192 0 0
Kalphite rebounder Kalphite rebounder 90 90 216 2458 245 0 0

Obtaining Rebounders

The blighted rebounder requires the player to use an Ahrim's staff, which can be obtained from the Barrows minigame, on a corruption sigil.

The ancient lantern requires the player to obtain an ancient emblem, an item obtained from killing Nex, and use it on a chaotic splint.

The kalphite rebounder requires the player to combine a seismic singularity, obtained from killing Vorago, with Perfect chitin.

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