Recipe shop

Meilyr Clan Store interior

Meilyr Clan Store exterior
Release date 10 November 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon Herbalist map icon
Location Prifddinas
Owner Lady Meilyr, Harmony pillar farmer
Specialty Potion recipes
Lady Meilyr location

The Recipe Shop, which sells combination potion recipes, can be accessed by talking to Lady Meilyr or any Harmony pillar farmer in the Meilyr Clan district of Prifddinas.


Recipe shop interface
  • Scrolls indicate potions which the player has not yet discovered the recipe for.
  • Potions without a tick indicate potions whose recipe has been found but which have not yet been purchased/refound.
  • Potions with a tick indicate potions which have been unlocked.

There are no level requirements to purchase recipes. Thus, players can use Herblore boosts to make these combination potions.

Recipes can be found in Dungeoneering and from the Motherlode maw. Once a recipe is unlocked it must either be purchased or a second copy of the recipe found. If a second recipe for the same potion is found, the potion becomes available without paying.

The consistent yak Gorajo card will guarantee a recipe being spawned after opening a door. When using these cards in a team dungeon, it is possible for other members grab the recipe before the card owner can reach it. The card will do nothing if the player has already found all recipes or if there are no doors left to be opened.


  • The description for brightfire potions and holy overloads states they restore 486 prayer points over 6 minutes. This corresponds to level 85 Prayer.
  • The description for super prayer renewal potion, overload salves, and supreme overload salves states they restore 555 prayer points over 6 minutes. This corresponds to level 90 Prayer.
    • The description for overload salves and supreme overload salves also does not mention the instant prayer restoration (unlike super renewals, which does).
  • The description for perfect plus potions states that it gives an additional 3% bonus experience from the Voice of Seren. However, this doesn't appear to actually apply.
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