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This is a subquest of Recipe for Disaster.


Start pointQuest map icon Inspect Sir Amik Varze.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyUnknown edit
Official lengthShort-Medium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
  • Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Sir Amik Varze
(You simply need to talk to Radimus Erkle about the quest. You don't have to map anything.)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat Evil Chicken (Level 159 or 170, depending on player's level), Black Dragon (Level 227).

Getting started

File:Sir amik varze detail.PNG
Inspect Sir Amik Varze in the banquet hall in Lumbridge Castle. Gypsy Aris will tell you that to protect the knight from the magic of the Culinaromancer, you will need to feed him Creme brulee supreme. She recommends you talk with the cook next door for help with the recipe. She also suggests you speak with the Wise Old Man in Draynor about the Evil Chicken.

Talk to the cook. He will again tell about you defeating the Culinaromancer. You will ask how you defeated him and the cook will ask what part you didn't remember. Ask about Sir Amik Varze. He will tell you to mix milk with cream in a pot. Then add cornflour, a vanilla pod from the Kharazi Jungle, the egg of the Evil Chicken, and the cinnamon from a ground Dramen branch. Once you have combined the ingredients, flambé the dessert using a dragon somehow.

Here is how to make the brulee:

Note: While you're over this way, you might as well kill a chicken for the meat and talk to the Wise Old Man in Draynor about the Evil Chicken.

Finding the other ingredients

Vanilla Pod

File:Vanilla pod map.png

Head to the Kharazi Jungle. Make sure you have a machete and a hatchet with you, as well as Radimus notes if you haven't completed the Legends' quest. Go to the pool of water near the middle of the jungle. Once at the pool, go directly south-west to find Vanilla plants. Search a plant to get a vanilla pod. Add the pod to the cornflour mixture, and it becomes Brulee.

Evil Chicken's Egg

Make your way to Draynor Village and talk to the Wise Old Man. Choose the fourth option: "I'd just like to ask you something". Next, choose the Strange beasts option and then The Evil Chicken option. He will tell you about the "foul bird" and to look for it in the land of the fairies.

Chicken Shrine

The Evil Chicken Shrine.

Enter the shed in Lumbridge Swamp with a dramen staff/lunar staff equipped to get to Zanaris. Use a raw chicken on the shrine and you will be teleported to the Evil Chicken's Lair. The shrine is right behind you after you enter the shed with your Dramen or Lunar staff and you are teleported to Zanaris. Be sure to equip your anti-dragon shield before you enter for there will be dragons.

Note: If you are at any stage of Swan Song after the Wise Old Man has teleported to Piscatoris Colony, you will not be able to find him in Draynor Village until you have completed Swan Song. You can still access the Evil Chicken's Lair by finding the book on chickens.

Get your anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield (to run safely past the dragons) and whatever you think you'll need to kill the Evil Chicken, (this could be prayer potions and high magic defence armour). Use your raw chicken on the shrine, run past the black dragons to the Evil Chicken. Cannons are allowed in the lair. The chicken is level 159 if F2P level is 60 to 110 and level 170 if you're higher.

  • 1 — Portal to Zanaris
  • 2 — Four Black Dragons
  • 3 — Evil Chicken's nest
  • ! — Tunnel to lower level (not used in this quest)


A player fighting the Evil Chicken.

Equip your anti-dragon shield, run past the Black Dragons, put on the Protect from Magic prayer, and kill the Evil Chicken.

Note: If the Evil Chicken is not in the lair, then go and talk to cook and try again.

It fights the same as it did during its random event fight, but it's a higher level (The Evil Chicken random event has now been discontinued). Take the Evil chicken's egg, and add it to your brulee. You should also take the raw chicken to return, or just kill a black dragon on your way out and take the token with you, don't "rub" just yet. Add the Evil Chicken egg to the brulee.


Grind a Dramen branch into cinnamon with your pestle and mortar. Add it to your brulee. A dramen branch can be gained in the dungeon under Entrana by cutting down the dramen tree. Considering the fact you cannot bring hatchets as they are classed as weapons, except in the toolbelt, the zombies in the dungeon drop a hatchet to cut the dramen tree down with if you don't have one in your belt. After going into the dungeon,run by the zombies. Stop before the demons and wait for them to be opposite the draman tree, then run in. Cut a branch off the dramen tree. as you exit the cave , on the right, past the demons, is a magical door (That can be seen )wait for the demons to move , right click on opening the door. after a magic transfer you end up in draynor behind the bank next to the alter.

Flambéing the brulee

If you need to, restock at the bank in Zanaris. Get out your raw chicken and anything else that you think you'll need to kill a Black Dragon (If you haven't already).

Fighting black dragon

Killing the Black Dragon.

Return to the Chicken Shrine, use your raw chicken on it, and kill a Black Dragon (level 227). If you are ranging or using a halberd, a corridor to the right leads to a mine, and you can hide in there and use it as a safe spot.

The dragon will drop a dragon token; be sure to pick it up before you leave. Escape the lair, put your ice gloves or anti-dragon shield on, and rub the token (Note: You can only rub the token inside Zanaris or Lumbridge).(Note: If you do not wear the ice gloves, but do wear an anti-dragon shield, then you will only take a small amount of damage). Ice gloves are not required for this part. Get them only if you want them; if you want to finish the quest quickly, then proceed without the gloves. You will only take 20-50 damage from the fairy dragon. (Note: you can drink a sip of Antifire potion and wield an anti-dragonfire shield and take no damage at all, a Super Antifire potion will make you receive no damage at all even without the shield).

  • Note: You will take a lot of damage and possibly die if you do not equip an anti-dragon shield during this part, unless drinking an Antifire potion. When fighting with a dwarf multicannon you can make it so that the dragon is inside the cannon.

A player getting their brulee flambeed.

A fairy dragon will appear. Request that the dragon flambé your brulee to make it a creme brulee supreme (The finished brulee is called only a "Brulee supreme" in inventory). Players may wish to use the other options while talking to the fairy dragon. Doing so will not result in losing the dragon token. Choosing the option "Could I just keep your token for when I really need it, please?" will result in being teleported back to the location where you rubbed the token, and you will keep the token in your inventory.

Finishing up

Head back to Lumbridge Castle and use the brulee on Sir Amik Varze to protect him and to complete this subquest.


Recipe for Disaster (Sir Amik Varze) Reward

Required for completing

Completion of Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Sir Amik Varze is required for the following:


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