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Freeing the Goblin generals is a subquest of Recipe for Disaster.


Start pointQuest map icon Inspect the goblin generals.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyNovice Novice
Official lengthShort
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
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Enemies to defeat
  • None

Too many (goblin) cooks spoil the broth.

Mudknuckles clean chathead

Inspect one of the Goblin Generals - General Wartface or General Bentnoze - in the banquet hall in Lumbridge Castle. Gypsy Aris tells you to head to the Goblin Village, which should be north of Falador, "unless they've decided that the sky is the wrong colour there or something" to get to know what food they used to like.

Go to the Goblin Village, and ask the two generals what food they like. Run through all the questions, but they will argue and be of no help.

Go into the building south-east of the generals, and climb down the ladder. There you will meet Mudknuckles, a goblin cook. He tells you he needs charcoal and "burnt trees (burnt trees aren't needed) they good too, smash em up with hatchets (only found in wilderness) and Mudknuckles too afraid to go there!" You need these to finish a cooking recipe that he overheard two dwarves talking about. Give him the charcoal, which he will then use with sulphur and potassium nitrate to create gunpowder. He will add this mixture to his cauldron, which will explode in a cutscene. Miraculously, you both will survive.

Spicy Sloppy Maggoty Mush

Speak with Mudknuckles again about a dish for the generals. The food that the goblins requested from the cook are - orange slices that aren't orange, some maggots that aren't bland, and some bread that isn't crunchy. This strange request owes to the fact that though one of the goblins like a food item, the other finds some fault in it. For example, Wartface orders orange, but Bentnoze doesn't like the colour of it, therefore the colour needs to be changed. The way to obtain the above items is:

  • Orange slices that aren't orange: Do not use red, yellow, pink, or orange dye. Slice your orange to turn them into orange slices - if you create diced orange chunks and try to use dye on them, nothing interesting will happen. Use your dye on the orange slices to obtain some dyed oranges.
  • Maggots that aren't bland: Use some spice on fishing bait to get some spicy maggots.
  • Bread that isn't crunchy: Use a bucket, jug, or bowl of water on a piece of bread to turn it into soggy bread. Do not slice the bread, otherwise you must get a new one.

Give all three ingredients to Mudknuckles, who prepares and then hands you the slop of compromise.

Head back to Lumbridge Castle, and use the Slop of compromise on the frozen Goblin Generals to complete this part of the quest.


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing the Goblin generals) reward
Music unlocked



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