Recruiter chathead

The Recruiter is found in the city square of West Ardougne. He tries to recruit the citizens of West Ardougne into King Tyras's army. Due to Tyras being unpopular and hated among the people of West Ardougne, his job has been a really tough one as he is pelted with tomatoes whenever he mentions Tyras.

After Plague's End, he keeps his job and is attempting to recruit men into the Royal Army of Ardougne for King Thoros, but is similarly pelted with tomatoes due to the general distrust in monarchs.

Getting the civilians to throw tomatoes at him is one of the Ardougne tasks.

He is the answer for the Treasure Trails anagram "ERR CURE IT". The answer for his challenge is 20.


  • The tomatoes thrown at the recruiter look rotten because of the brownish-red colour. However, they appear to be fresh tomatoes when they drop on the ground.
  • He has a headband on his avatar, but his chathead lacks it.
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