This article is about the Daemonheim fish. For the Goblin High Priest, see Redeyes.

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Red-eye is a Tier 2 food that can only be found and used while Dungeoneering. A cooked red-eye can be found either by picking it up from the table at the start of a dungeon, or by killing monsters in the dungeon and receiving it as a drop. A Raw red-eye can be bought from the Smuggler, or caught at a red-eye fishing spot within the dungeon. It heals 50 life points when cooked, and the level at which it stops burning depends on the tier of the fire it is cooked on.

Like all other fish within Daemonheim, members can also use it as an ingredient in cooked potato.

A common joke tactic with the amazing red-eyes is as follows:
If you use a red-eye on a teammate while standing behind them it is known as turning their brown-eye red.

Tools/utensils None
Ingredients Raw red-eye
Cooking level 10
Burn level Varies
Cooking experience 41
Range-only No
Instructions Use raw red-eye with fire or range.
Servings 1
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