Red hot sauce detail

Red hot sauce can be obtained from Ali the Kebab seller in the town centre of Pollnivneach. It is used in The Feud, My Arm's Big Adventure and Dealing with Scabaras quests to obtain Camel dung which is necessary to make the poison used to kill Traitorous Ali. It can also be used on an ordinary kebab to turn it into a super kebab. However, Ali the Kebab seller will not give the player a second bottle of red hot sauce while the player has one in their inventory or in the bank, nor can the player pick up any they may have dropped once another has been received from Ali. However, the player may use Telekinetic Grab on any dropped bottles of red hot sauce to gain multiple bottles of red hot sauce. The sauce can only be used on one kebab; afterwards, it disappears from the player's inventory and the player will have to ask for another.

If the player attempts to use the bottle on Drunken Ali's drink on the table in the Pollnivneach bar, the character will say that they will not do that as it would be really childish.


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