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A reed seed is a Farming seed from which reeds can be grown in a hops patch. As with all hops (except jute), four seeds are needed to plant one patch. It can be protected by paying a farmer 15 Asgarnian hops.

Fully-grown reeds produce toads, swamp tar, and swamp lizards when harvested. 3-5 toad egg sacs (depending on the composting used), with a chance of receiving 10 swamp tar and/or swamp lizards per toad egg sac harvested, are gained per crop. Five toad egg sacs are received if supercompost is used, and greater numbers of sacs can be received if the patch ticks between the start and end of harvest. Harvesting yields 190 farming experience per sac. Reeds harvested on Entrana will only yield swamp tar and toad egg sacs.

Doing a run between all four hops patches, players can expect to make anywhere between 143,280 (if no tar or lizards are received) to 383,460 (the theoretical maximum, assuming 20 swamp lizards are harvested). This does not take into account the cost of any seeds, supercompost, and asgarnian hops if purchased, which altogether total -94,736. By only using the seeds the minimum profit/loss from a full farm run is 100,192, with a maximum of 340,372.

Reed seed
Farming level 78
Patch Hops
Payment 15 asgarnian hops
Time 80 minutes (4x20 minutes)
Seeds per 4 seeds
Planting 180
Harvesting 190
Crop Toad egg sac
Yield[?] 3-5

The seeds may be obtained through pickpocketing Gnomes, Elves, or Dwarf traders, and by hunting jadinkos. This helps to make Thieving and Hunter a bit more profitable.

Healthy reeds
Stage Image
1 Reeds1.png
2 Reeds2.png
3 Reeds3.png
4 Reeds4.png
5 Reeds5.png


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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Gnome (monster)42; 43; 441Uncommon
Gnome child11Uncommon
Gnome woman421Uncommon