This article is about the ability. For the bracelet, see Regen bracelet.
Regenerate (ability)
Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Constitution
Level 10
Type Basic
Adrenaline ±0%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 0 seconds
Focus your remaining adrenaline to heal 2% of your maximum lifepoints every 0.6 seconds at the cost of 10% adrenaline. Does not work during combat.
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Regenerate is a basic Constitution ability. It cannot be used in combat. When activated, Regenerate rapidly drains the user's remaining adrenaline over a period of up to 6 seconds, healing the user for up to 20% of their maximum life points. The amount of life points regained is directly proportional to the amount of adrenaline drained; for example, if Regenerate drains 50% adrenaline, the user will be healed by about 10% of their maximum life points.

When Regenerate is active, the player is healed for 2% of his/her health every tick (0.6 second) while depleting adrenaline for 10% per tick. If less than 10% of adrenaline remains, it is drained and reduced health (0.2% per 1% of adrenaline) is restored.

Periodic use of this ability allows players to complete some Slayer assignments, and other related monster-killing activities, with little or no food. However, Regenerate generally does not provide enough healing potential to solely recover damage taken during player killing activities, or while fighting bosses. It may still be used as a supplementary healing source. It is an ideal ability to use while rushing floors in Dungeoneering, as it does not require the player to scour for food.

Clicking the life point meter's heart icon on the action bar can activate this ability. When Regenerate is activated a revolving circle hovers above the heart icon, not the regenerate icon even if it is put on Action bar. With no adrenaline this cannot be activated, but with any adrenaline it can be queued by clicking on heart icon, the regenerate icon or keybind if it is associated.


  • Prior to the 14 January 2013 Hati, Skoll and combat updates, Regenerate was 100% more effective than it is now, which means it healed the user for up to 40% of their maximum life points instead of only 20% as it currently does.
  • If a player activates Regenerate and enters combat before its effects are completed, it will turn itself off. Adrenaline would stay at where it was before it is interrupted.
  • Regenerate can be used whilst a player is casting Home teleport.
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