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Reinald is a resident of Keldagrim, the bustling capital city of the Dwarven Realm. Reinald recently opened Reinald's Smithing Emporium, a small bracelet store in the crowded corner of Keldagrim's east side.

Although Reinald has now become fairly wealthy, until recently he was an underpayed mining dwarf. Working in one of the dwarven Consortium's massive mines, Reinald earned little, forced to live in a small home on a low-wealth street in Keldagrim east. Off-duty, Reinald was not particularly warm towards visitors, unlikely to even so much as hold a decent conversation.

Recently, though, Reinald, like many dwarves, has gained an affinity for smithing. Using his limited funds, Reinald ordered the necessary materials to open a small bracelet shop in his home.

If spoken to, Reinald will offer a number of metal bracelets, which can be added to the players' default appearance for 500 coins.

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