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Not to be confused with Ritual of Rejuvenation.
Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Defence
Level 52
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment Shield
Cooldown 300 seconds
Channel your adrenaline to help restore 40% of your life points and fully restore your drained stats over 10 seconds.

Rejuvenate is an ultimate ability associated with the Defence skill. It requires 52 Defence and a shield or a shieldbow. When activated, the user is rapidly healed with purple hitsplats, which add up to a total of 40% of their maximum life points. The effect occurs over 10 seconds, and each second roughly 4% of the user's life points are restored. The stat restoration restores to full any drained stats besides Prayer and Summoning. The shield must be equipped for the duration of the effect: removing the shield will instantly end the effect and also prevent stat restoration.

Because of its strong healing power, Rejuvenate can reduce or eliminate the need for food or healing during extended combat trips. Situations where Rejuvenate may be useful include Slayer assignments, player-vs-player activities, the earlier waves in the TzHaar Fight Cave and fighting bosses.

Rejuvenate has a similar effect to Guthix's Blessing. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Guthix's Blessing doesn't need a shield, which can be quite handy as it saves the off-hand slot or inventory space. However, it is ineffective during combat as the Guthix butterfly is often killed. This ends the healing, providing only a small part of the total heal, and still triggers the cooldown. Furthermore, Guthix's Blessing doesn't restore stats like Rejuvenate does, and it has an 85 constitution requirement, as well as completion of The World Wakes.

Rejuvenate works similarly to the Special attack of the Enhanced excalibur. The strongest version of Excalibur heals 40% of max health and shares its cooldown with Rejuvenate. However, the Excalibur special attack requires no adrenaline to use, making it superior to Rejuvenate except when the stat restore effect is needed.


  • Rejuvenate can be seen as the shield equivalent to Guthix's Blessing, with an added stat restoration effect.
  • When first released into the combat beta, Rejuvenate could cure poison. However, this effect was removed sometime in October 2012.
  • As of the 14 January 2013 update, the cooldown time of Rejuvenate was increased from 60 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • The animation for Rejuvenate may be a reference to the popular BBC drama "Doctor Who", in which the main character, The Doctor, regenerates in a similar fashion to heal and save himself from death.
  • In order to reset the cooldown on the Rejuvenate ability, the player can log out to the lobby and then log back in. This can eliminate the need for food during long combat trips, although it is not that useful in PvP situations.