The Rellekka Hunter area

Rellekka Hunter area map.png

The Rellekka Hunter area is one of 4 Hunter training areas. It is located northeast of Rellekka, near the entrance to the dwarven city of Keldagrim.

The Rellekka Hunter area is largely covered in snow and ice. In fact, the entire upper half is little more than a large iceberg. The southern half is made of solid land and can even support a few dying trees, but is largely covered in snow.

It is a popular destination for hunters, and has long helped support Rellekka's hunting economy. Rellekka's fur stall allows players to sell fur from some of the local creatures, but players who would rather keep the items they obtain while hunting can use the nearby bank in Keldagrim, Zanaris (by using the fairy rings), or Peer the Seer as a bank deposit box, as long as his task has been completed in The Fremennik Trials.

Getting there

  • Teleporting to the Rellekka lodestone (Fremennik Province lodestone) places players south of the Hunter area and east of Rellekka.
  • The Arctic bear, a familiar available at level 71 summoning, can teleport the player to the area.
  • Players can appear near Keldagrim via Fairy ring DKS (called the Kandarin Snowy Hunter Area in the rings' network directory). The Rellekka Hunter area is north of the ring. Partial completion of the Fairytale II - Cure a Queen quest is required to use the rings.
  • The enchanted lyre, Teleport to House (if the player's Player-owned house is situated at Rellekka), and Rellekka tablet teleport players south of Rellekka. The Rellekka Hunter area is north-east of the city. The lyre requires completion of The Fremennik Trials quest, while the tablet requires completion of Love Story.
  • Players can take the Mine carts to Keldagrim, use the Dwarven Boatman to sail to Keldagrim's entrance, and then exit to the surface. The Rellekka Hunter area is north of the entrance. Partial completion of the Giant Dwarf quest is required.
  • Players can use the Eagle transport system to fly to the Rellekka Hunter area. Completion of the Eagles' Peak quest as well as level 35 Agility is required. The polar eagles' aerie is actually the closest of all transport means to the dungeon, but it is little used as all eagle aeries are in remote locations.


The skillchompa area

In the Hunter area is a large variety of creatures, which players can hunt using several different methods. In this hunting area it is possible to catch snowy knights, sapphire glaciali, polar kebbits, cerulean twitches, sabre-toothed kebbits, and sabre-toothed kyatts. This area is generally used more often by low-level hunters, but the variety of monsters offers something for hunters of all levels.

Bird snaring, pitfall trapping, and butterfly netting areas are located on the northern ice area. To access this area, players must climb a series of natural stairs formed by chunks of ice, which requires an Agility level of 35.

To the north-east of the iceberg is an area for hunting azure skillchompas.

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