Relomia, Emissary of Sliske
Relomia, Emissary of Sliske
Release date 29 May 2013 (Update)
Race Unknown (Human, formerly)
Members No
Quest NPC Missing, Presumed Death
Kindred Spirits
Sliske's Endgame
Location(s) Draynor Village

Empyrean Citadel

Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine The emissary of Sliske.
She seems to be a bit stuck.
Here to celebrate Sliske's grand game.
Relomia, Emissary of Sliske location
Relomia chathead

Relomia is the emissary of Sliske, a cunning Zarosian Mahjarrat. She can be found in Draynor Village, although she is originally from West Ardougne. There, she was a simple housemaid until she miraculously stumbled into the Shadow Realm and somehow got stuck there. After years, during which her appearance was significantly altered, she encountered Sliske, who rescued her, likely with ulterior motives. Relomia, upon hearing of Sliske's slaying of Guthix, proclaimed him to be a deity. Sliske himself, however, does not care about Relomia's actions and does not have, or seek, godhood.[1][2]

According to Relomia, those who choose to follow Sliske will be helped through the dark times. If one opts to pledge allegiance to Sliske by talking to Relomia, she will give various tasks to complete. Relomia will also hand them a banner of Sliske and a Book of the Gods. The title "[Name] of Sliske" may be activated through this emissary. The banner may be used to contact Relomia any time, and receive new tasks.

In the quest Missing, Presumed Death, Relomia makes a small cameo at the Empyrean Citadel, stuck on top of a rock. She is seen looking for Sliske, and insists she was invited. In the quest's sequel, Kindred Spirits, she informs the player that Sliske has been captured by Dragonkin, though this turns out to be a ruse. In the quest series' finale, Sliske's Endgame, she is the starting point of the quest.




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