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This article is about remains of a monster. For other uses, see Remains (disambiguation).
Not to be confused with drops.
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Remains are items dropped by creatures upon their death. They are dropped 100 percent of the time, and include both monsters and players. The type of remains dropped by a creature depends upon the physical characteristics of the creature.

Creatures with bone remains

Many living and undead creatures drop bones of different kinds, such as regular Bones, Big bones, and Dragon bones. Creatures that drop bones include mammals (such as Humans), birds (such as Chickens), reptiles (such as Snakes), and amphibians (such as Frogs).

Most humanoid giants drop big bones, even if they might be considered in other categories of creatures. For example, many fire-based creatures drop ashes, but Fire giants drop big bones.

Creatures derived from those dropping bones commonly drop bones as well. These include Zombies, Undead chickens, Undead cows, Crawling Hands, Skeletal hands, and Zombie hands. Other creatures in this category have altered remains or no remains at all. For example, many ghostly creatures, including ghosts and Revenants, do not have any remains and the Shades of Mort'ton have remains named specifically after them.

Semi-humanoid Scabarites drop bones, even though their insect-like appearance suggests an exoskeleton rather than an internal skeleton.

Giant Rock Crabs drop bones, even though other exoskeleton-based creatures do not, including regular Rock crabs.

Ankous, as a cross between ghosts and skeletons, drop bones, unlike most ghostly creatures which have no remains.

Various creatures drop bones that are mainly characteristic of that creature:

Creatures with ash remains

Dropping monsters
Ashes Monsters
Impious ashes.png Impious ashes
Accursed ashes.png Accursed ashes
Infernal ashes.png Infernal ashes
Tortured ashes.png Tortured ashes
Searing ashes.png Searing ashes
Experience (cost/xp)
Ashes Cost Base Altar Ectofuntus
Accursed ashes.png Accursed 750 12.5 (60) 43.75 (17.14) 50 (15)
Impious ashes.png Impious 3,692 4 (923) 14 (263.71) 16 (230.75)
Infernal ashes.png Infernal 2,057 62.5 (32.91) 218.75 (9.4) 250 (8.23)
Searing ashes.png Searing 55,487 200 (277.44) 700 (79.27) 800 (69.36)
Tortured ashes.png Tortured 4,482 90 (49.8) 315 (14.23) 360 (12.45)

Creatures with other remains

Vyre corpse detail.png


Empty oyster detail.png
  • An Oyster is an item you obtain from fishing, not a creature you can fight. You can, however, end up with an Empty oyster from it, which could be considered to be a form of remains.
  • Bloodveld are demons, but they drop bones - not ashes.
  • During the Rum Deal quest only, a Fever Spider will drop a Fever spider body, an ingredient used in making Captain Braindeath's 'rum'. Also during this quest, the player will fight an Evil Spirit, which drops ashes despite seeming to be a ghostly creature.
  • Some creatures, such as bloodveld, occasionally drop multiple bones. They can occasionally can drop several bones and big bones, even though they always drop at least one set of bones. In these cases, it can be regarded that the creature was 'carrying' the extra bones, just like the other, non-bone items it may drop when killed.
  • Fayrgs and Raurgs presumably dropped Fayrg bones and Raurg bones, as these bones can be found in Ogre coffins at Jiggig. Neither creature has been seen in recent ages and are generally believed to be extinct followers of Bandos.