Release date 27 June 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Skill Constitution
Level 85
Type Threshold
Adrenaline −15%
Equipment None
Cooldown 60 seconds
Any damage you take for the next 6 seconds, or when you next trigger the ability, will be stored. When this ends, you will deal 100% of the damage taken back at your target up to 10,000. In PvP there are diminishing returns on the damage stored as it increases.
Reprisal animation
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Reprisal is a threshold Constitution ability unlocked by using the Reprisal Ability Codex.

When activated, it tracks damage taken from all sources for up to 6 seconds. After this time or when reactivated, the player attacks their current target for 100% of the damage stored, with a damage cap of 10,000. Reprisal has significantly increased hit chance. The damage has diminishing returns during player killing. Triggering the ability manually can be done outside of the global cooldown.

Self-inflicted damage and typeless damage is also stored, meaning that Shadow Tendrils and Nex's ice prisons are added to Reprisal's damage.

A hit healed by Resonance adds 1 damage to Reprisal.

Unlike Transfigure, a similar ability that stores damage to later heal the user, the player is not bound or stunned when using Reprisal and is free to perform other abilities and actions.

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