This article is about reputation on Mazcab. For other reputation systems, see Reputation.

Reputation is an asset for players amongst the Goebie civilization. Reputation unlocks various rewards at Acca Kanatah and Acca Otot.

Reputation is not spent and will not be lost. Instead, rewards are automatically unlocked upon reaching a reputation threshold. Reputation cannot be gained after 5,000; however, all activities that give reputation can still be performed.


Goebie Reputation Unlocks

Reputation Reward Description
100 Supply discount 10% discount at Mazcab Emergency Merchants
500 Bank access (canal) Goebie banker in the canal area
750 Fast travel-1 Goebie guide for faster travel[1]
1,000 Supply discount+ 25% discount at Mazcab Emergency Merchants
1,250 'The Reputable' [[The Reputable|[Name] the Reputable]] title
1,500 Bank access (waterfall) Goebie banker in the waterfall area
1,750 POH location Ability to move POH to Otot (60 Construction required) and make Otot tablets
2,000 Fast travel-2 More fast travel locations[2]
2,500 Pet Goebie Goebie spawnling pet
3,000 'Of the Goebies' [[Of the Goebies|[Name] of the Goebies]] title
5,000 Reroll raid drop Grants the choice to reroll the rewards from one raid fight per reset.
  1. ^ The rangers will take you to the Tuska portal (entrance to Mazcab where Goebie scout stands) or the entrance to the Nemi Forest (rangers at eastern entrance and Otot take you to northern entrance and ranger at northern entrance takes you to the eastern entrance).
  2. ^ In addition to the fast travel-1 destinations, the rangers can take you to and from Kanatah and Otot.

Earning reputation


You can gain 90 renewable reputation per day:

For Nemi Forest actions, one might have to access multiple forest instances to find all nine objects.

Your three daily tasks for Trinks. (45 total reputation, 15 per task).
Opening the chest. (Dungeoneering experience)
Cleansing the fungal growth. (Farming experience)
Checking the mushrooms. (Farming experience)
Checking the mysterious flowers' health. (Farming experience)
Mining the corrupted rock. (Mining experience)
Healing the explorer. (Prayer experience)
Paying respect at the obelisk. (Prayer experience)
Cleansing the water pool. (Prayer experience)
Putting the tormented spirit of the dead monk to rest. (Prayer experience)


Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru drop three items that can be redeemed for reputation.


Some actions only yield reputation the first time they are completed:


  • Goebie relics from mysterious meteorites can be handed in at either of the Accas for 5 reputation each. 2 relics were obtainable per day until 1 September 2015. Players who still have relics can still turn them in for reputation, but no more may be obtained.
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