Resource pack detail

A resource pack can be obtained as a reward for completing ten of Meg's cases during the Mega May event. On 11 July 2016, the resource pack returned during the Port Sarim Invasion as a possible reward from the Supply cache (Port Sarim Invasion).


The resource pack contains 5,000 Chimes icon, as well as extra resources based on the region the player is currently exploring. A confirmation dialogue gives the player the opportunity to change their port focus before redeeming the resource pack.

Region Resources
The Arc250 Bamboo icon
The Skull750 Gunpowder icon
The Hook1,000 Slate icon
The Scythe1,500 Cherrywood icon
The Bowl2,000 Jade icon
The Pincers3,000 Stainless steel icon
The Loop3,000 Terracotta icon
The Shield3,000 Azure icon

The resource pack cannot be opened until the player has completed the player-owned port tutorial.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Supply cache (Port Sarim Invasion)N/A1Common
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