Resourceful aura detail

Resourceful is a tier 2 aura available as part of the Members Loyalty Programme and can be purchased from Xuan or Solomon's General Store for 23,000 Membership Loyalty Points. This aura gives a 10% chance to not deplete a resource when mining or woodcutting when gaining items from them. It is activated for an hour and has a recharge time of three hours. Also, as with all auras, if the account using it is logged out while the aura is activated, the timer will continue to run.

The aura can only activate when the resource is about to be depleted. For example, consider a tree where each time a log is gained, there is a 20% chance that the tree is felled (depleted). When this check succeeds, the aura provides a 10% chance that the depletion will be ignored, and the tree will continue providing logs as if nothing happened. Mining rocks (and trees that provide just one log) simply provide an extra resource when the aura activates.

The aura can only trigger once per resource point, unless the user changes to another resource point.

Note that red sandstone and crystal-flecked sandstone effectively count as 50 (or 25) rocks in a row, so the effect can trigger multiple times without changing rock. Thus using the aura gives an average 11.11% increase to the amount of sandstone that can be mined each day.

The refined perk provides the same effect. When used together when woodcutting, both the perk and the aura can trigger on one tree (in fact, the perk can trigger multiple times with or without the aura).

Combat Stats
RequirementsAura equipped
NoneAura slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Effective resources

The aura is effective on the following resources:

Adamantite ore Adamantite ore rocksBlurite ore Blurite ore rocksClay Clay rocksCoal Coal rocks
Copper ore Copper ore rocksCrystal-flecked sandstone Crystal-flecked sandstone mineGold ore Gold ore rocksGranite (5kg) Granite rocks
Iron ore Iron ore rocksLimestone Limestone rocksMithril ore Mithril ore rocksRed sandstone Red sandstone mine
Runite ore Runite ore rocksSandstone (10kg) Sandstone rocksSilver ore Silver ore rocksTin ore Tin ore rocks
Uncut opal Gem rocks
Achey tree logs Achey treeArctic pine logs Arctic pineBlisterwood logs Blisterwood treeCrystal geode Crystal tree
Eucalyptus logs Eucalyptus treeIvy icon IvyLogs TreeMagic logs Magic tree
Mahogany logs Mahogany treeMaple logs Maple treeOak logs Oak treeTeak logs Teak tree
Willow logs Willow treeYew logs Yew tree
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