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Every RuneScape player is entitled to the respect of the other members of the player community.
Jagex, Rules of RuneScape
Respect is one of the three categories of the Rules of RuneScape, which also include Honour and Security. Rules in this category state that being disrespectful to other members of the player community is deemed unacceptable by Jagex. Disobeying the Respect rule includes the following:[1]

Unacceptable behaviour

There's no need to report anyone for using the term 'noob', it simply means 'new player'.

Seriously offensive language includes racism and chat of a sexual nature.

You don't need to report players for using abbreviations such as 'lmao', 'wtf', 'gtfo'.

You shouldn't report any chat that has been starred out (like this: ****), as the censor has prevented anything that may have been offensive from being seen.

Solicitation includes asking for a boyfriend or girlfriend in-game.

Disruptive behaviour includes flooding the chat window with lines of unnecessary chat, but only if you feel it's impairing your gameplay.

Beware of context when reporting players for real-life threats: they could be talking about in-game combat!

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Inappropriate language or behaviour

You must not use any language that could be considered offensive, racist, obscene or otherwise inappropriate.[2]

Misuse of the Forums

You shouldn't misuse the RuneScape Forums. The Forum Code of Conduct clearly details exactly what is and what is not acceptable behaviour for Jagex.[3] More information can be found in the RuneScape Game Guide.

What is NOT allowed

  • The Jagex Forum Code of Conduct details exactly what is and what is not acceptable behaviour within the Jagex forums. There are also stickies at the top of each forum with explanations of aspects of the forum rules.[3]
    • It is a breach of the rules to post anything promoting a website in the forums or in the game. As such, if you do post the URL for your own clan site, you could be banned. Remember that this rule is there to make it impossible for people to send players to scam sites.

Why this rule exists

This rule is in place to maintain a fun and friendly atmosphere within the forums. The main purpose of the forums is for players to help each other. This could be by chatting or trading, but always in a safe and secure environment.

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