Release date 6 September 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 46
Book Standard Prayers
Drain rate 150 points per minute (1 point per 0.4 seconds)
Effect Damage to nearby targets when dying.
Retribution Effect

A player using Retribution.

Retribution is a prayer that, if active at the time of a player's death, will damage any monsters or players in a 3x3 area for up to 15x of the dead player's Prayer level. For example, if a player died with a Prayer level of 80 and the Retribution prayer active, the damage dealt would go up to 1,200. The most damage that can be done using this prayer is 1,485 with a Prayer level of 99. This prayer is the slowest draining prayer that is visible to other players when active.

The effect of Retribution will only activate if the player dies from combat, or any other combat-related damage (like poison). An exception to this is being killed by another player's Retribution prayer; dying this way will not trigger the player's own Retribution prayer. Death through skills such as Thieving will not cause Retribution to activate and deal damage to surrounding NPCs.

The Retribution prayer does not work in the Wilderness.


  • This prayer is also commonly used in riots, most notably the 14 hour riot, Mod Hasmo Riot, and the Pay to PK Riot, to show their anger.
  • There was an update to this prayer that made the projectiles from Retribution go much faster. Before this, the projectiles could be avoided with relative ease.
  • Players in the red Stealing Creation waiting area will often line up against the barrier and use this prayer to show they are in the red team; blue team players use Smite, which has a very similar icon other than that it is blue.
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