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Revolution's activation animation in the Combat Improvements Beta

Revolution is a combat mode that automatically uses abilities for the player. It was released on 24 February 2014. It can be toggled from the Combat Settings interface, or by right-clicking the gear icon in the action bar. Revolution automatically triggers the first available ability on the action bar, and can access any number of slots in the bar.

Optimal basic abilities

For any given combat situation, there is an optimal Revolution ability setup that will maximise damage. The abilities below will maximise a stream of damage over a long period for some of those situations. This is not a complete analysis — it assumes no threshold or ultimate abilities are used, and that there is virtually no input from the user. It does not take into account "overkill loss", lost damage due to hitting higher than a monster's remaining life points. It is not tailored to any specific combat situation, but each of these are reasonably good Revolution setups for just about any circumstance. The damage is listed in terms of ability damage per game tick, and the damage is a fixed average used to represent the average damage per second over time. For example '30.12% ability damage' refers to precisely 30.12% rather than say, a range of 0%-30.12%.

Calculating the average ability damage per tick ("AADPT") demonstrates that Revolution without thresholds and ultimates is quantifiably inferior to Legacy in all cases, since Legacy is about 38.24% damage per tick (28.75% in PvP). Revolution would need to incorporate thresholds and ultimates in order to surpass Legacy dps.

It is recommended to use Sacrifice in place of some of the lower-hitting basic abilities, if you have access to it. Sacrifice hits between 20% and 100% and has a healing property, while, for example, Piercing Shot and Wrack hit 18.2% to 94% with no special properties. It should be noted that Concentrated Blast and Snipe take 6 ticks when using Revolution, compared to 4 or 5 ticks when manually triggering abilities.

The multi-combat Chain and Ricochet abilities can be either strongly desirable or useless, depending on the combat situation. Against low-risk multi-combat Slayer monsters like Rorarii, they can be extremely useful because they can hit up to 3 monsters for an average of 60% damage, making them the best basic abilities. Against single-combat monsters, Chain and Ricochet are below-average but still may be worth using. Against higher-risk multicombat monsters like Automatons or Kal'gerion demons, they should be avoided completely since they will make multiple combatants aggressive.

Several abilities are identical in damage and cooldown, so can be swapped to favour one or the other for their secondary effect, or to swap handedness, without changing the bar's AADPT:

  • Chain and Impact for Magic, and Ricochet and Binding Shot for Ranged - if you want to use stuns more, Impact/Binding Shot should go first; if you want to hit more monsters more often, Chain/Ricochet should go first
  • Cleave and Decimate for Strength, and Smash and Havoc for Attack - swapping these pairs (Cleave and Smash for Decimate and Havoc) is a simple way to swap between two-handed and dual-wielding melee (in addition to thresholds/ultimates)
  • Dazing Shot and Needle Strike can be swapped to change from two-handed to dual-wielded ranged with minimal change to AADPT
Notes on calculations
  • All optimal calculations use the algorithms described here; the values can be checked using the calculator
  • Accuracy is assumed 100%
  • The values for each bar given are average ability damage per tick, which is a percentage of the ability damage stat (as listed in the loadout tab of Gear) per each game tick. It is an average in two ways - it uses the average damage of each ability and averages over a long period of time
    • Multiplying the percentage by the ability damage stat (in loadout) changes from average ability damage to average damage for that equipment setup
    • Dividing the value by 0.6 changes from per tick to per second
  • Sacrifice is not considered, however it generally has little effect on improving the optimal bars
  • Tuska's Wrath is also not considered, but it does improve magic and ranged bars, while off-task; on-task it should generally be treated as an ultimate and triggered manually to prevent wasted damage
  • Bash is considered as its best effective percentage - with level 99 skills and tier 90 gear, it is approximately 144.2%
  • Cleave, Dragon Breath, Chain, and Ricochet are assumed to hit 1 target only
  • The revolution is allowed to continue entirely input-free (channeled abilities are not interrupted or ended early; only one target for a long time)
  • Abilities that gain extra damage in specific circumstances (e.g. Decimate against shield-wearing players, Punish against stunned targets, Fragmentation shot with a moved target) are given their base value - specific circumstances are not accounted for
  • The bars listed only accounts for the default abilities not unlocked via other means; for bars that unlock from world event/codex/drops, see: Revolution/Optimal layouts.

Optimal bars

The following standard optimal bars apply to both members and free players. This does not include abilities which have additional requirements other than level to unlock, such as Corruption Shot and Corruption Blast.

For a full list of optimal ability bars, see Revolution/Optimal layouts.

Conditions Bar AADPT Link
Two-handed meleeCleave.png Dismember.png Sever.png Smash.png Slice.png Fury.png32%Open in calculator
Dual-wielded meleeDecimate.png Dismember.png Sever.png Havoc.png Slice.png Fury.png32%Open in calculator
One-handed meleeDismember.png Slice.png Sever.png Fury.png27.94%Open in calculator
One-handed melee with shieldDismember.png Slice.png Sever.png Bash.png Fury.png28.57%Open in calculator
Two-handed magicCombust.png Sonic Wave.png Dragon Breath.png Chain.png Impact.png Wrack.png28.9%
(Stuns: 28.96%)
Open in calculator
Dual-wielded magicDragon Breath.png Combust.png Concentrated Blast.png Chain.png27.86%Open in calculator
One-handed magicWrack.png Combust.png Dragon Breath.png Impact.png Chain.png24.09%
(Stuns: 25.94%)
Open in calculator
One-handed magic with shieldCombust.png Dragon Breath.png Impact.png Chain.png Wrack.png Bash.png25.94%
(Stuns: 27.97%)
Open in calculator
Two-handed rangedFragmentation Shot.png Dazing Shot.png Snipe.png Ricochet.png Binding Shot.png Piercing Shot.png28.45%Open in calculator
Dual-wielded rangedFragmentation Shot.png Needle Strike.png Snipe.png Ricochet.png Binding Shot.png Piercing Shot.png29.06%Open in calculator
One-handed rangedSnipe.png Piercing Shot.png Fragmentation Shot.png Ricochet.png Binding Shot.png24.2%
(Stuns: 25.72%)
Open in calculator
One-handed ranged with shieldFragmentation Shot.png Snipe.png Bash.png Ricochet.png Binding Shot.png Piercing Shot.png26.1%
(Stuns: 26.15%)
Open in calculator
ShieldbowDazing Shot.png Fragmentation Shot.png Snipe.png Bash.png Ricochet.png Binding Shot.png29.25%Open in calculator

Default setups

The first time the Revolution setting is activated, the interface offers to suggest a basic initial setup for the abilities in the action bar; depending on the type of fighter a character is, default setups suggested differ for Melee, Ranged, and Magic warriors. An average ability damage per tick value is given for comparison with the above - this value only counts the usage of basic abilities in revolution.


Basics: 22.02% ability damage per tick
  • Slice.png
  • Backhand.png
  • Punish.png
  • Sever.png
  • Dismember.png
  • Slaughter.png
  • Assault.png
  • Overpower.png
  • Meteor Strike.png
  • Anticipation.png
  • Freedom.png


Basics: 23.88% ability damage per tick
  • Piercing Shot.png
  • Snipe.png
  • Binding Shot.png
  • Fragmentation Shot.png
  • Ricochet.png
  • Snap Shot.png
  • Bombardment.png
  • Deadshot.png
  • Incendiary Shot.png
  • Anticipation.png
  • Freedom.png


This bar cannot use revolution continuously without using autoattacks
  • Wrack.png
  • Dragon Breath.png
  • Impact.png
  • Combust.png
  • Chain.png
  • Asphyxiate.png
  • Wild Magic.png
  • Omnipower.png
  • Tsunami.png
  • Anticipation.png
  • Freedom.png


  • During the Combat Improvements Beta, Revolution was a basic ability that was toggled on and off with an animation identical to Rejuvenate.
  • Revolution was inspired by a player-made idea on the forums called Conservation.
  • Originally, Revolution would automatically trigger only basic abilities, forcing the player to activate threshold and ultimate abilities manually. This was changed on 6 November 2017.
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