Reward casket (master) detail

A Reward casket (master) is received after from completing the final clue scroll of an master clue scroll trail, and contains the reward for the trail. It is destroyed after being opened.

Sometimes players will receive a puzzle casket (master) in its place.


From all levels

Image Name
Coins 10000 2,500–50,000 coins
Biscuits 25 2–27 biscuits or purple sweets
Bandit Camp Teleport Lumber Yard Teleport Miscellania Teleport Pollnivneach Teleport Phoenix Lair Teleport Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport Various teleport scrolls
Saradomin page 1 Guthix page 1 Zamorak page 1 Armadyl page 1 Bandos page 1 Ancient page 1 1–3 god pages for god books
Purple firelighter Red firelighter Blue firelighter Green firelighter White firelighter Gnomish firelighters
Saradomin arrows 5 Guthix arrows 5 Zamorak arrows 5 20–100 Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak arrows
Meerkats pouchFetch casket scroll Noted meerkats pouches or fetch casket scrolls
Sealed clue scroll (master) Sealed clue scroll (master)

From master clue scrolls

Rare rewards
Flaming sword enchantment Flaming sword enchantment
Elemental impetus Elemental impetus
Golden thread Golden thread
Guido's bonfire in a bottle Guido's bonfire in a bottle
Box of clue scrolls Box of clue scrolls
Hobby unicorn (white) White or Black hobby unicorn
Pyjama top A piece of Pyjamas
Heavy chest Heavy chest
Bag of clues Bag of clues
Ring of coins Ring of coins
Ring of trees Ring of trees
Round glasses (black) A pair of Round glasses, Stylish glasses or Half-moon spectacles
Adamant dragon mask Adamant, rune, dragonstone, onyx, or Hydrix dragon mask
Gilded boater Gilded boater
Gilded cavalier Gilded cavalier
Samurai kasa Samurai kasa
Reaper ornament kit Reaper or Soul ornament kit
Tuxedo jacket A piece of the Tuxedo outfit
Evening bolero A piece of the Evening outfit
Heated tea flask Heated tea flask
Elemental battlestaff Elemental battlestaff
Very rare rewards
Prismatic large fallen star Prismatic large fallen star
Starved ancient effigy Starved ancient effigy
Pack yak mask Pack yak mask
Sack of effigies Sack of effigies
Backstab cape Backstab cape
Orlando Smith's hat Orlando Smith's hat
Crystal triskelion fragment 1 Crystal triskelion fragments
Blood dye Third-age dye, Blood dye, Shadow dye, Barrows dye or Ice dye
Zamorak bow Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak bows
Second-Age platebody A piece of Second-Age Melee, Ranged or Mage equipment


  • On release, there was a bug where the casket would not disappear when the casket was opened. In order for the casket to not despawn, the player's inventory had to be set up in a specific way with a specific final clue step and challenge. This resulted in a flood of valuable items, and was quickly hotfixed after discovery. Players who abused the bug greatly were permanently banned, while those who used it less were given a temporary ban. The items brought in by this bug were manually removed from the live game, and players who bought the illegitimate items were refunded the price they paid for it.[1]


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