Reward token (Gnome Restaurant) detail

Reward tokens are received when players gain 12 credits in the Gnome Restaurant minigame giving one free piece of Gnome cooking. Gaining an additional 12 credits will then gain you two free pieces of food if you have not used the token. This is repeated up to 10 free pieces of gnome food. This makes it useful for exploring dungeons and other dangerous areas as it provides you with 10 pieces of food for every one inventory slot. It is delivered by a Mounted terrorchick gnome, the delivery boys of the restaurant.

If the Reward token is lost (such as from death or being manually destroyed), the player can reclaim the token from Gianne Jnr for free and they will still be entitled to their original number of food pieces. Only upon activation will the number of food pieces earned be reset to 0. This means that the Reward token can be destroyed to save bank space without fear of having to gain more credits again.

Using reward token


Upon activating a reward token, a chatbox message will appear reading: You have made your order, please be patient while the gnome finds you. and shortly thereafter the delivery will arrive.

Types of food

Players can get any type of gnome food as a delivery, although drinks and cocktails are rarer: see Gnome cooking for further information. Note that there is about a 5-second delay in getting your food, so players should make sure to be isolated and in no immediate danger before calling. The food items given are completely random and cannot be chosen individually. However, they can be used to complete deliveries for the minigame, and are very helpful for those who are seeking the rare rewards.

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Getting some food delivered.


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