Rewards mystic chathead

The rewards mystic runs a shop in a small hut in the north-east corner of the Stealing Creation minigame. He will exchange points obtained from the minigame for tools, armour and weapons.

He will also recharge any sacred clay tools, armour, or weaponry that has lost its charge through use, if the player has it equipped or in their inventory. He charges 20 reward points for this service. 

To wield or use any of these items, level 40 is required in the appropriate skills. For example, players need level 40 Defence and level 40 Ranged to wield the sacred clay ranged armour, level 40 Attack for the sacred clay scimitar, and level 40 Woodcutting to use a morphic or volatile hatchet.

Item Points
Volatile tool 20
Morphic tool 20
Sacred clay body 30
Sacred clay legs 28
Sacred clay helm/hat 24
Sacred clay weapon 26
Morphic Shield 200
Stealing creation rewards interface

Stealing Creation Reward Shop


  • All of the items the reward mystic gives out have the appearance of class 5 clay items in the Stealing Creation minigame, but have the stats of class 3 clay items.
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