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Reyna only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
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Reyna is a survivor of the Battle of Lumbridge, whom players could have aided to help organise the Summer Beach Party by bringing her buckets of sand. She organises the parties to commemorate the anniversary of Saradomin's victory in the Battle of Lumbridge.


Summer Beach Party

Up to 24 buckets of sand could be delivered each day between 25 June and 29 June 2015. Players were rewarded with a mystery box for every eight buckets of sand brought to her, up to 3 boxes a day. As of 29 June, she rewarded players with a big mystery box for every small box opened.


Summer Beach Party

On 11 August 2016, she reappeared at the Lumbridge Crater. Players online at the time received the message Reyna has arrived at the Lumbridge Crater and is looking for help to create an amazing beach party!.

Up to 20 buckets of sand could be handed in to her daily until the release of the beach party on 15 August. The buckets couldn't be in noted form. For every 20 buckets players were rewarded with a mystery box, and if players did this on each of the five days, they were rewarded a big mystery box.

Reyna could be right-clicked to be talked to, to hand in the sand, to check the amount of the daily sand handed in and to get the big mystery box.

Celebration of Fire

Reyna is also found in the north-east corner of Lumbridge Crater during the Celebration of Fire 2016. She is lamenting the loss of her beach next to the only patch of sand left on the ground.


Build A Beach

On 17 July 2017 she reappeared at the north-east corner of Lumbridge Crater for the Build A Beach event. Players could hand in Beach sand to her to unlock cosmetic rewards, the Beach Sand Outfit and the ring of sand.


Summer Beach Party

On 30 July 2018, she reappeared at the Lumbridge Crater as the host of the Summer Beach Party. She allows players to check their title progressions from previous years, hands out a daily Sandy Clue Scroll and also hands out a treasure map.


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