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Rhiannon is an elven mage alleged to have been petrified into gold due to a curse from a battle long ago, in either the Second or Fourth Age.

According to Auron Ithell, Rhiannon was born east of Prifddinas to King Baxtorian in the Fourth Age. While growing up, she befriended a gifted human boy and together they invented spells using runes from a cache they found. When she was grown, the runes within the cache ran low and all she and the human did was argue. They both wanted the runes for their own reasons, Rhiannon wanted to use them to create spells that would benefit the world while the boy wanted to only benefit themselves.

As their arguments went on Rhiannon and the boy began to fight and one fight turned into a battle. The battle was described as long and fierce, with the victor of the battle varying between tellings. Some say that the boy was turned to stone, and others that Rhiannon was turned to gold. The boy in the tale bears similarity to Dahmaroc, a mage from the Second Age, although if Auron Ithell's claim that Rhiannon met the boy in the Fourth Age is true, they cannot be one and the same. Despite this, the examine text of a fully completed Statue of Rhiannon states Rhiannon to be from the Second Age too, making a connection between Dahmaroc and Rhiannon possible.

The player can restore the Statue of Rhiannon to see Rhiannon's figure.